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Developing a Common Set of Professional Standards for Mediators working with Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

Developing a Common Set of Professional Standards for Mediators working with SEND

During 2017 a Working Group supported by the Department of Education and consisting of SEND Mediation providers met to develop training and practice standards for mediators working with SEND disagreements.

This group is co-chaired by representatives from the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and the College of Mediators (COM). These are independent, standard setting bodies operating in the mediation sector. Both provide either corporate or individual professional membership for practising mediators. Members of these bodies are trained to a recognised standard, maintain continuing professional development, work to the ethical code of conduct outlined by these organisations and carry the appropriate indemnity insurance.

It was established at an early stage that professional standards for mediators in this context are highly desirable but that they should remain simple and accessible. To be consistent with other mediation standards they should be light touch and voluntary. They should represent an achievable minimum standard, beyond which individual providers are free to extend if they wish to do so.

The main task of the group has been to identify a training and accreditation route for SEND mediators that will provide an industry standard and ensure quality and consistency of practice for potential referrers and users.

The group includes representatives from Global Mediation, KIDS, Prime Resolution, Steve Hindmarsh Ltd and the Together Trust.

The CMC and COM, on behalf of a working group of SEND Mediators and Mediation Providers as well as other stakeholders, have been working on an initiative supported by the Department for Education to introduce self-regulated common standards for the profession.

CMC and COM are now asking all of those with an interest in SEND Mediation, including those within the memberships of the CMC and COM that work in this field, to complete their consultation survey.

The survey is online at Survey Monkey https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/NVMZDJK - those who wish to send additional comment can do so by emailing the helpdesk at senddeliverysupport@mottmac.com.

Relevant documents, including the full standards, with a description around information found within can be found below:

Summary of the Standards

Full Standards

This document outlines the professional practice standards for SEND mediators which have been developed with a variety of mediation providers and trainers, approved by the Civil Mediation Council (CMC) and the College of Mediators (COM), and supported by the Department for Education.

Joint letter from the Civil Mediation Council and the College of Mediators regarding the survey consultation on the new standards

The Appendices included in the full standards document can also be found below.

Appendix A - Guidance on Accreditation Criteria

The forms in this document are intended to be used to support the process of accrediting an SEND mediator. They cover all the necessary requirements to meet the standards laid down by the College of Mediators and the Civil Mediation Council and should be read in conjunction with these standards. They provide a checklist of the skills and knowledge required to be a competent SEND mediator and which need to be demonstrated throughout the practice component of SEND mediation training.

Appendix B - Content of Training Programmes

Appendix C - Flowchart From Application to Accreditation

Flow Chart: From Application to Accreditation

For any queries please contact SENDDeliverySupport@mottmac.com